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postheadericon Felix Sturm: An embarrassing draw a clear victory was actually the

Super Champion Felix Sturm retains for his super fight championship belt

About 10.000 Spectators at the SAP Arena in Mannheim saw a great boxing match, the world champion Felix Sturm was clearly the better boxer and his challenger, the British middleweight champion Martin Murray clearly dominated and in the last round was even almost before the KO win.

Quite different than in his last fight against Englishman Matthew Macklin, a struggle of even more of a Tieds deserved, abandoned tower on his usual defensive style of boxing and marched out of the first round to the front. Storm alone it was who made the fight and his challenger drove through the ring. The Defender also shone with clearer results, what is auswies also in the impact Statistics. Storm had here 50% more matches than Murray.

It was storm 11. Title defense, and certainly one of his best fights ever. As the three judges after twelve rounds of combat dominant storm but calculated a draw may remain their secret. The above 10.000 Viewers acknowledged the judgment with a chorus of whistles and thus showed more skill than two of the judges. Only the French judge Jean-Francois Toupin, of the struggle 116-112 evaluated for storm was right. Judge Pasquale Procopio evaluated the fight 114-114 Set point and Ted Gimza saj even Martin Murray 113-115 in Front.

Storm coach Fritz Sdunek concerning me after the fight: “That was certainly a tit for tat for the controversial victory in Felix last fight.” Only, what the three judges of the present struggle to do with the Judges of the last fight? Storm, who was allowed to keep the draw by his world champion title: “I saw myself in front. I have set clearer results. I was the dominant male. ”No one is happy with a draw. Storm, who accused his opponent, just behind a “To have entrenched double cover”. announced yet in the ring to a rematch.

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